GnuPG 2.1.1 released

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今回は security fix はなし。

  • gpg: Detect faulty use of --verify on detached signatures.
  • gpg: New import option "keep-ownertrust".
  • gpg: New sub-command "factory-reset" for --card-edit.
  • gpg: A stub key for smartcards is now created by --card-status.
  • gpg: Fixed regression in --refresh-keys.
  • gpg: Fixed regresion in %g and %p codes for --sig-notation.
  • gpg: Fixed best matching hash algo detection for ECDSA and EdDSA.
  • gpg: Improved perceived speed of secret key listisngs.
  • gpg: Print number of skipped PGP-2 keys on import.
  • gpg: Removed the option aliases --throw-keyid and --notation-data; use --throw-keyids and --set-notation instead.
  • gpg: New import option "keep-ownertrust".
  • gpg: Skip too large keys during import.
  • gpg,gpgsm: New option --no-autostart to avoid starting gpg-agent or dirmngr.
  • gpg-agent: New option --extra-socket to provide a restricted command set for use with remote clients.
  • gpgconf --kill does not anymore start a service only to kill it.
  • gpg-pconnect-agent: Add convenience option --uiserver.
  • Fixed keyserver access for Windows.
  • Fixed build problems on Mac OS X
  • The Windows installer does now install development files
  • More translations (but most of them are not complete).
  • To support remotely mounted home directories, the IPC sockets may now be redirected. This feature requires Libassuan 2.2.0.
  • Improved portability and the usual bunch of bug fixes.

実は Windows 版の 2.1.0 はリリースして間もなく引っ込められてしまったんだよねぇ(いや ftp サイトにあるんだけど)。 やっぱこれの影響かねぇ。