PuTTY 0.63 is released

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PuTTY 0.63 がリリースされました。

"This is a SECURITY UPDATE. We recommend that _everybody_ upgrade, as soon as possible.
This release fixes multiple security holes in previous versions of PuTTY, which can allow an SSH-2 server to make PuTTY overrun or underrun buffers and crash. We do not know of any way in which these vulnerabilities could permit a server to actually take control of the client, but we also don't know that that _can't_ be done, so we recommend you upgrade.
These vulnerabilities can be triggered before host key verification, which means that you are not even safe if you trust the server you _think_ you're connecting to, since it could be spoofed over the network and the host key check would not detect this before the attack could take place.
Additionally, when PuTTY authenticated with a user's private key, the private key or information equivalent to it was accidentally kept in PuTTY's memory for the rest of its run, where it could be retrieved by other processes reading PuTTY's memory, or written out to swap files or crash dumps. This release fixes that as well."
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とういうわけで,早急にアップデートしましょう。 ただし,今のところ日本語版はない模様。 日本語版の情報を持っている方は是非ご連絡を。


8/8 追記:

iceiv+putty では 0.63 をベースにした日本語版がリリースされている模様。

PuTTYjp も 0.63 ベースのものがリリースされています。